Vaping vs. Smoking – Why should you choose the first one?

These days, many smokers, all around the country and the world, view e-cigarettes and vaping with equal amounts of disdain and curiosity. If you yourself are a smoker, it is highly likely that you are looking at these the same way. If that is the case, no problem, because you have all the right to smoke the way you want. However, you will have a hard time denying the evidence that a habit like that is only working against you.

Recently, it has become obvious that the general opinion is slowly, but surely, turning against the smokers. For that matter, many smokers have turned to other alternatives that can deliver that same nicotine fix, but with some notable benefits. One such alternative is vaping.

The purpose of this article is to delve deeper into this matter and discuss some benefits associated with it.

It alleviates health risks

hdhd84This new trend has become so popular, so fast, that clinical research is still trying to catch up and study all the features and benefits of it. Just ask any healthcare professional or doctor. and they will, most likely, be unable to provide any affirmative answers, in regards to the topic of smoking vs. vaping. Keep in mind, though, that this is not caused by the lack of any physical, concrete evidence. However, a solid fact is that a large number of recent studies have taken a detailed look at e-cigarettes and have come to the conclusion that they are a much healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Not only this, but they have also shown that vaping can be almost 90% percent healthier than traditional smoking.

Money savings

If you are a smoker, you definitely know how expensive smoking can be. An average smoker can spend between 8-13$ on a single pack of cigarettes. That would mean that those, who smoke at least one pack a day, can spend, on a monthly basis, more than 370$. Now, it is also a fact that a pack of e-cigarettes or a high-quality vape pen can cost up to 300$. But, remember that these are reusable. Once they are spent, you can simply use new liquids, in order to refill them, and these refills usually cost no more than 40$, on a monthly basis. With a little bit of math, you can easily see just how much money you can save. Also, e-cigarettes do not fall under the same taxing methods and can be easily found and bought online.


When compared to standard cigarettes, vape pens and e-cigarettes are also a much safer alternative. Traditional smoking involves combustion and fire, which have an inherent risk attached to them. On the other hand, vaping has none of it. A recent study has shown that almost 8% of all house fires in the US have been related to smoking and cigarettes. The same way in the UK. However, that doesn’t mean that e-cigarettes do not carry some small risks. They are based on battery technology, so it is important to pay attention to any power surges or faulty battery cells, which can sometimes cause fires.

Better social experience

hdhd84Last but not the least, smoking is slowly turning into an alienating social phenomenon. Smoking in a public place can easily cause disgust with many people. The dangers of secondhand smoking and the smell are well documented and can sometimes be overpowering. With a vape pen, you can easily get your nicotine fix, without infringing on the comfort of the people around you.

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